1778-10-13 Tories to Stand Trial

By the Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania The following Proclamation for Traitors to appear and take their Trial, was issued, Vizt:

Pennsylvania ss.

A Proclamation. By the Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Whereas, the following named persons, late and heretofore inhabitants of this State, that is to say:  . . . And Richard Weston, Yeoman; now or late of the Township of Trunkston [sic Frankstown], & Jacob Hare, Michael Hare & Samuel Barrow, Yeomen; all now or late of the Township of Barree; all now or late of the County of Bedford . . . have severally adhered to, & knowingly & willingly aided & assisted the Enemies of this State, & of the United States of America, by having joined their Armies within this State.

          And Whereas . . . We, the Supreme Executive Council aforesaid, by virtue of certain powers & authorities to us given by an Act of General Assembly entitled “An Act for the attainder of divers Traitors, if they render not themselves by a certain day, & for vesting their Estates in this Commonwealth, & for more effectually discovering the same, & for ascertaining and satisfying the lawful Debts & claims” thereupon, Do hereby strictly charge & require the said . . . Richard Weston, John Hare, Michael Hare, Samuel Barrow . . . to render themselves respectively to some or one of the Justices of the Supreme Court, or of the Justices of the Peace of one of the Counties within this State, on or before Tuesday the fifteenth day of December next ensuing, & also abide their legal trial for such their Treasons, on pain that every of them, the said . . . Richard Weston, Jacob Hare, Michael Hare, Samuel Barrow . . . not rendering himself as aforesaid, & abiding the trial aforesaid, shall from and after the said fifteenth day of December next, stand & be attainted of High Treason, to all intents & purposes, & shall suffer such pains & penalties, & undergo all such forfeitures, as persons attainted of High Treason ought to do.

          And all the faithful subjects of this State are to take notice of this Proclamation, & govern themselves accordingly.

          Given by order of the Council, under the hand of the Hon’ble George Bryan, Esquire, Vice President, & the Seal of the State of Philadelphia [sic Pennsylvania], this thirtieth day of October, in the Year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred & Seventy-eight.

          Attested by order of the Council.

          T’y Matlack, Sec’y.

                   (Signed) – George Bryan, Vice President

PA Archives, Colonial Series, Volume XI, Minutes of the Council of Safety for the State of Pennsylvania, pages 610-612.