1778-11-04 Militia Trouble Clothing from Winchester

A report from the Board of War was read; Whereupon,

War Office,November 4th., 1778.

By accounts received from the frontiers of this State at and in the neighbourhood of Fort Roberdeau it appears that large numbers of the Militia of this state have been called out, but that few have staid at the posts even for their tour of duty. That they have left the officers commanding there in great distress, all on the very day of the expiration of their times, and a great proportion on one pretext or other before that period. That they are under little or no command, and of course useless and very expensive. It is therefore thought that if the companies raised for the defence of the frontiers and now under the command of Capt: Thos. Cluggage, Capt: Black and Capt: McDonald could be reinlisted and augmented (their times of service expiring the 15th. of Decr. next) the States would save money, and the service required would be better and more certainly done. The plan for raising the two Regiments intended to go on the Western expedition was to give a suit of clothes Bounty and the usual pay on the men’s engaging for one year. From the smallness of the number engaged in those Regiments there is a large proportion of clothing intended for them now on hand at Winchester in Virginia which would serve the companies which are the subjects of this Report, or the clothes might be sent from hence as should be found most convenient. The Board therefore beg leave to report to Congress;

Resolved, That the three companies commanded by Captains Cluggage, Black, and M’Donald, raised for the defence of the frontiers of Pensylvania, be re-inlisted and compleated to their full complement, for the space of one year, from the 15 day of December next, unless sooner discharged by Congress.

That every non-commissioned officer and private inlisting in the said companies, receive as a bounty a suit of cloathes, to consist of the articles usually allowed the continental troops, and that it be stipulated with the said non-commissioned officers and privates so inlisting, that they shall not be removed from the frontiers of the said state, on any account whatsoever, except on expeditions against the Indians.