1778-10-10 Call for Militia

The committee to whom was referred the letter of 30 September, from the Board of War, brought in a report:

The committee to whom the letter of General Armstrong of the 22nd September, 1778, and the letters of the Board of War thereupon were referred, beg leave to report, That the Importance of the Lead Mines upon the Frontiers of Pennsylvania requires a competent Force to be kept up on the Frontiers for their Defence. That therefore the Executive Authority of the State of Pennsylvania be requested to call out 100 Men of the Militia of the State to be stationed at or near the said Lead Mines and the Mills appurtenant thereto near Standing Stone till further orders, and that Congress will defray the Expence of the said Detachment.

Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789; This report, in the writing of Joseph Reed, is in thePapers of the Continental Congress, No. 27, folio 83