1779-11-10 Roberdeau Asks for Payment for 1000 Pounds of Lead

To President Reed
Philadelphia, Nov,, 10, ·1779

Permit me to ask the favor of you to make my request known to the Honorable Board of· your Presidence, that they would be pleased this day to order be payment for the ten hundred pounds of lead delivered to your order some Months ago,

The price of that article is so enormous that I should blush to make a demand, but my necessity keeps equal peace with the rapid depreciation of our money & particularly as I purpose leaving this City to morrow, dependence has been had on the money in question, for my advances are insupportably great, for my defected purpose of supplying lead to the Continent, which, entireIy thro default of Congress in not furnishing the necessary defences, has been entirely stoped, as the Honorable the Assembly have been informed, After the most dilligent enquiry I cannot find less than six Dollars per lb, demanded for lead by the quantity, a price which Mr, Peters just now informed me, the Board of War was willing to give,
I shall do myself the honor of waiting on you for your Commands before I leave town,
yours with great respect, Sir,
most Obdt & very Humble servt
P,S,–I pray you to excuse the indecency of the paper which I cannot remedy