1780 Roberdeau Frustrations with Founders


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[three lines crossed out] . . . Mr John Cockey was so sensible of my mistake in giving said memorandum that in my last interview with him as declared [unreadable word] it would be very unjust that it should operate against my full demand that it should not, as he was possessed of the paper, also from a further consideration that no allowance of interest could be a compensation for the money advanced (including large sums to reimburse him[)].  Mr Owings and another of the original proprietors Mr Aaron Butler of disbursements made antecedent to my connection with the Company as it might have been employed in trade to much greater advantage.  Thus having exposed a fit of Quixotism which occasions shame while I write I pass on to give you a view of the subject as it relates to the article of Copartnership which I intend to forward, being so connected, and being possessed of that James Bond for his one-fifth of my demand what further can be don for my security will it be of any avail to sue Mark

Alexander as one of the concerned for the two [unreadable word] he purchased of Owings and Cockey as my whole demand on said 250 will be included if I recover their bond and interest without deduction?  I can only suggest the possibility that Cockey should produce the paper already spoken of and that it should deprive me of what I might recover in another prosicution [sic].  It is also necessary to inform you that the latter end of May next an issue joined betwixt this state and myself in behalf of the Bald Eagle Co. is to be tryed in Carlisle before the Supreme Judges whether s[ai]d State is accountable for my loss sustained in opening a Mine and smelting of lead Ore under a guarantee of any former Assembly, if this can possibly be plead against payment of Owings and Cockey’s bond will that be necessary to procrastinate the determination of that subject untill judgment shall be obtained against this state and the Obligees made accountable only for what I recover short of my demand of the state in proportion to the 2/5 sued for originally but on recollection this will not do for any doubt of my recovering from this State is at the [pages missing]