1779-07-19 Bald Eagle Company Accounts

Philada, July 19th, 1779


         Under this address I shall enclose to each of you a Copy of my Acct against the Bald Eagle Company in general, without an application of the respective shares, which may be soon appropriated that you may consider it with the greater deliberation.  When the blanks are filled up, which I could not do as the Accots are not come in, it will contain every debit that has come to my knowledge what hereafter turns up, if anything should be omitted, will be carried to the Accots of the Compy of course.  At the foot of MOwings Accot as settled by Mr Govett of York Town, at our joint request, I find the following note, which I shall only transcribe here for the Information of each of you or rather to refresh your memories.  I think it unnecessary at present to bring it into the Accot now exhibited which cannot be immediately settled on Accot of the blanks.

Baldue N. Owings                                     £ 50 in full

           Nich. Hade                                       35. 13. 10

  1. Butler                                     35. 16. 4
  2. Cockey                                    123. 9. 3

[can’t read] and A. Butler bond

  to WNeal of Baltimore

  with interest

250 —  —

  1. 6. 11 each 1/5 is £ 99. 6. 4 1/2

Balances due the 4th March last, abstracted from from after disbursements to adjust the proportions.  D. Roberdeau was to pay two-fifths parts purchased of A. Butler on sd 4th March, one fifth to include and the other 1/5 to exclude all Expences to said date.

The Accot is also to be credited with 1,000 lbs of lead for which I gave an order at the request of the Supreme Executive Council of this State, but as no price was stipulated it must be left to a future reckoning.

Being acquainted with all my transactions and finding myself grievously opposed with the burthen of so large an advance I request of each of you to remit me your proportions of 3/5 as I think it should be equally borne betwixt us and that I should not be under obligation to look to a Stranger, the knowledge of whom we implicitly founded only on my faith on you.  The Division of the Accointo six parts and chargin MBedwell with 1/6 equal to a sum not exceeding £300 per agreement you made with him at York County I have left to an after adjustment, as you know all the circumstances of this affair I need not trouble you further on the subject at present.  I am without any of your favper this days post and am waiting the result of your conclusion on my offer and to put an end to my concern at best, before the Assembly meet.  If the clothing is not used in the Co Service I shall expect it to revert to me for obvious reasons, etc.