1779-08 Medical and Supplies


My Company has been Revewed, and Past muster, 3 Officers & 43 Rank and file, one of the Latter killed or taken. I have made aplication to M r Carson for the necessaries promised have rec d Some of them, But no Blankets Except four ; the are very necesssary at this Season of the year, and Can’t be done without; therefore would be glad M r Carson Could be furnished with them by some means, as I have promised them to the men. Would be Glad to know who I must apply to pay the Doctor’s Bills, as I have Been under the necessity of applying to one for some of my Company, and payed him out of my own Pocket.

I am, Sir,

with respect,

Your Very Humb l Serv*



To Josseph Reed, Precedent of Council in State of Pensylvania.

To Care of Col. Jn Davis, Carlisle.