1777-08-08 Nathaniel Owings Looking to Finance a Lead mine in Maryland


“It having been represented to Congress, that Darby Lux, Amon Butler, Nicholas Haite, Thomas James, and Nathaniel Owings, of Baltimore county, in the state of Maryland, gentlemen, have in company undertaken to open a lead mine, and to erect works for smelting the ore, and that the inhabitants in the neighbourhood have refused to permit them to proceed in the prosecution of their design, without credentials from Congress, that they are friends to the United States; and it appearing to Congress, by the representation of the governor and delegates of Maryland, that the said gentlemen are faithful friends to the American cause,

Resolved, That it be recommended to the inhabitants in the neighbourhood of the lead mine aforesaid, to permit the same to be worked by the above gentlemen, and to give them every encouragement in the prosecution of a work of such public utility, and from which a supply of lead may be drawn for the service of these States.”

Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789 Continental Congress, No. 70, folios 221 and 225