Jacob Ripley, Corporal

Corporal Jacob Ripley was born in 1754 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. At the start of the war he lived in the Path Valley near Fort Littleton Pa. During the war he served in what is now Blair County. He spent several months as a ranger in the region. Ripley spent three months serving under Captain Robert Paxton in Frankstown. However he spent most of his time serving in Captain Thomas Cluggage’s unit. The Corporal served at Fort Roberdeau, assisting with protecting the lead mines.

He did not stay in the region, he later served in Carlisle guarding the magazine.

He mentions Peter Riley, Giles Stevens and John Lane in his pension papers. He tells a story of John Lane being shot by Native Americans in the region and recovering.

He lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1833. He died in March 1835 in Jefferson, Ohio, having lived a long life of 81 years. Giles Stevens in his Pension Application. He passed away March of 1835.