1780-06-08 – Major Cluggage to Piper


I make free to write you concerning the difficulty of the times in those parts at present which ought to be the concearn of every good man. A party of men from Cumberland and from these parts was marched out to wayley the gaps of the aligenia mountain before we arived from your house when they wnet to the new gap above Frankstown the found that a small party of the enemy had returned that rout sume days before the got there and had taken with them a number of horses, yet still we supposed a part of the enemy to be left behind which we have found to be true by the discovery of William Phelaps. Last Friday where he had a noble chance of twoo indians near the Threespring’s at Aughweck had it not been for one of his children that was with him which he was doubtfull wd have falen into there hands if he had a fired on them, he emadiatly alarmed the neighbours the raised where the had roasted a turkey and was just gon the indeans seamed to hed towards Pregmor’s mil when the party lost thire tracks a discovery has be made lately at Captn Simontons, from these discoverys we may draw this conclution these are spys a making a proper discovery of the contery and when reinforced I am doubtfull will make a heavy stroak if not timely prevented Comberland County have showed a deal of spirit on this last ocation to do every thing in their power they ar willing to keep out a scout constant and run there chance for pay if the could be found in provitions Squre Brown proposed to find flower salt and whiskey there is nothing but meet a wanting, the people of this place ar much dissatisfyed about the stoars being moved the purtest against leting them go, what the consequence will be I canot tell as the party is not as yet arived. Mr GilBreath and his party have extraordinary hard duty on acount of guarding thir provitions such a distance and having only 4 pack horses I think that by applying to Mr Smith, the might be some horses procured, sume baggs is likewise much a wanting, if the cannot be procured in that line I think you wd be safe in giving orders to hire sume for one trip or twoo. I am informed that there are some beef catle at Bedford I think twoo or three drove down by this guard that is going up wd save a grait deal of trouble, I hope that post in Sinking Valley may be defended as it is of essential service in case men should wayley the gaps of the aligenia as it is handy for the men to receive sume assistance from I hope you will not fail in doeing every thing in your power as the times is despert measures, I think it wd not be a mis to send down sume money to sume carefull person to be laid out for meet or flower in case of needeasiety pray spare no pains in having an express sent to Philadelphia with a full act of the state of this county. I have directed sixteen men of a guard for Huntingdon which is to do proper duty as inlisted troops and in case of misbehaveing to be punished as the same I hope the will have your approbation, any orders you send, send it in writeing and keep a copy of the same. Every thing that is in my power to assist you in at this critical time is at your service.
I remain your friend and well wisher,
Robt. Clugage

N. B. I drew out Captns Johnsons and Clugages pay rolls for there time of service and was obliged to mentions sumes to satisfy them as the intend to have them judged at the next coart. I took recpt on the back of there pay rolls for money payed.
R. C.*
On public business, to Colnl John Piper, Ltn. B. C.
Per Express.
*Rec’d in letter of Col. Piper of June 8.
PA Archives, Series 1, Vol. VIII, 1780, pages 279-280: Major Robert Cluggage to Col. John Piper, 1780