William Moore, Pvt.

In 1778 William Moore worked as a Ranger under Captain Black in Cluggage’s Rangers.

The Moore’s were a well known family in the region. Many were killed in 1778 during an attack on their homestead. We do not know how this William Moore is this related to William Moore, the patriarch, who died in 1778 during that ill fated attack.

The Moore family were the first to run flat boats from Frankstown to Middletown. They were early settlers in the Ebensburg region.

They were known to cling to the old ways and dress of the Scots. They brought 20-30 Scotsmen to the area after the war. Maguire records in his memoirs seeing the Crawfords, Fraziers, Stewards and Macphersons in bonnets and kilts speaking Gaelic with Samuel Moore upon their arrival to the region.