William Ferguson

Canon Carriage Builder, Artillery Man
“Once up the Juniata River to the Lead mines to bring the stores away that had been left there. We brot cannon, shovels, picks, etc. down the river in boats. It was in the Spring of the year in all time we were away about a month –”
William Ferguson helped build and decorate canons during the revolutionary war. Some of his canons found their way as far as Fort Pitt. He describes in some detail canons and carriages he made for the military. He had enlisted in the service for three years in 1778. After this time in service he reenlisted for a brief time. His pension does not state for how long. During this enlistment one of his duties was to go to Fort Roberdeau. His unit went to Fort Roberdeau to decommission it. He said they brought back canons, shovels, picks and other items from Fort Roberdeau. They took boats down the Juniata. He recalls that it was in the spring, and the journey took about a month.