Thomas Clugage, Captain


Commander of the battalion stationed at Fort Roberdeau. Thomas served under his brother, Robert Cluggage.

Thomas Clugage was born in 1750 at Fort Shirley, now Shirleysburg, Pennsylvania, to Robert Sr., and Janett. He was the fourth son. A Total of 5 sons and a daughter would be born to Janett and Robert Sr.

Thomas is often overshadowed by his elder brother Major Robert Cluggage. Although under his brother’s command, Thomas would have commanded his unit at Fort Roberdeau his brother ran the operations of the Ranger units, and oversaw and directed much of the activity at the fort. Although in some letters it becomes apparent that when his brother was away Thomas was left in charge of those duties as well.

He married Jean Curlette in 1779.

He died on December 29, 1831, in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, having lived a long life of 81 years, and was buried in Orbisonia, Pennsylvania at Gilliland Cemetary.