Soldiers in the War of the Revolution

Militia, Flying Camp and Rangers from Pennsylvania who were applicants for State annuities, giving residence at the time with statement of service during the Revolution.  Taken from the Journals of Assembly.1

Allen, Peter, Huntingdon; in Colonel Watts’ Flying Camp; subsequently in Captain Thomas Alexander’s company, Colonel Piper, stationed in Sinking Valley to protect the lead mines.

Bodle, Abraham, Fayette; in Captain Boyd’s company of Rangers; wounded in right thigh at Frankstown when in pursuit of Indians.

Brandon, William, Butler; served on the frontiers until 1779.

Blythe, Samuel, Franklin; captain of a company of rangers in 1780.

Bodine, Frederick, Lycoming; served in Captain Calhoun’s company, Colonel Hunter’s regiment, on the frontiers.

Campbell, Thomas, Franklin; captain in Flying Camp; taken prisoner at Fort Washington; released November 9, 1778; subsequently captain of rangers until 1780.

Coulter, Nathan, Washington; in service on the frontiers in 1781 to 1783; on Sandusky Expedition.

Charles, Leonard, Bedford; served as ranger on the frontiers.

Clark, John, Allegheny; Captain in Pennsylvania Line; commanded a sub-legion under St. Clair, and was wounded at the Miami.

Cowan, William, Westmoreland; captain on the frontiers.

Campbell, Thomas, Westmoreland; ranger on the frontiers.

Carter, Thomas, Venango; spy under Lieutenant Hunter; subsequently, in 1777, under Captain Clark.

Graham, James, Mifflin; ranger on the frontiers.

Hunter, John, Westmoreland; private Fourth company, Second regiment, Westmoreland county militia; wounded in the service.

Johnson, Richards, Mifflin; served in Colonel Hazlett’s (Delaware) regiment until discharged in December, 1776; went to Carlisle and served in Colonel Watt’s regiment; in service on the frontiers of Cumberland, Northumberland, Bedford and Westmoreland counties; ensign in 1780; subsequently lieutenant.

Kocher, Conrad, Northampton; served on the frontiers.

McVickar, Duncan, served two months in Captain William Wilson’s company at Potter’s Fort in Penn’s Valley; and several tours on the frontiers.

McFarron, John; killed by the Indians at Piper’s Fort in 1782.

Martin, Richard, Lycoming; served on the frontiers under Colonel Samuel Hunter from 1776 to 1778.

Martin, Thomas, Lycoming; served on the frontiers under Colonel Samuel Hunter from 1776 to 1778.

Means, Hugh, Mercer; in Captain John McDonald’s company Bedford county militia in 1779, serving eight months; in 1781, 3d of June, in an engagement with the Indians near Bergod’s Gap, was wounded in the arm.

Newell, William, Bedford; served as orderly sergeant in Bedford County Associators in 1777; in 1823 was seventy-seven years of age.

Nye, Samuel, Washington; served with the militia on the frontiers.

Plumb, Jacob, Somerset; wounded and taken prisoner at Piper’s Fort in 1782.

Purdy, James, Mifflin; captain and colonel at a battalion on the frontiers during the Revolution; one of his sons drowned in Juniata while pursuing Indians; two others, captain and lieutenant, killed at St. Clair’s defeat.

Salmon, Joseph, Northumberland; Captain in Colonel James Murray’s Battalion on the frontiers; taken prisoner by the Indians in 1781, and kept a captive in Canada two years.

Spar, Valentine, Westmoreland; served on the frontiers in Colonel Christopher Trubey’s regiment; was in General St. Clair’s campaign of 1791, and wounded at the Miami.

Smith, George, Bedford; served in Colonel Piper’s regiment; subsequently in Captain Boyd’s ranging company; in June, 1781, taken prisoner by the Indians and held in captivity until November, 1784.

Sellers, George, Westmoreland; ranger under Captain Shannon on tour to Wheeling; subsequently with Captain Leasure, guarding the frontiers.

Sharp, James, Butler; served six months against the Indians during the Revolution; in 1823 was 82 years old.

Wallace, John, served in Captain Thomas Robinson’s company of rangers, and killed in an engagement on Bald Eagle Creek in 1782.

Wilson, Matthew, Allegheny; served on the frontiers of Northumberland county; was a spy among the Indians during the Revolution; was out four summers.

Wolf, George, Northampton; served three several tours on the frontiers against the Indians on the Delaware, north of the Blue Mountain, first as sergeant, then as lieutenant and afterwards a captain of the militia.