Peter Reilly, Pvt.

Commissary & Quartermaster
Peter enlisted to serve in Bedford as a ranger in 1777. In 1778 he became a member of Cluggage’s rangers. Peter was the commissary at Fort Roberdeau. He began when David Brown was removed from the position. Peter was the commissary at Fort Roberdeau until the fort closed it’s doors in 1782. He and his wife, Abigail Edington married at the fort. Major Robert Cluggage performed the rights on 8 January 1779. Abigail, his wife, lived with him at the fort.

The Commissary was in charge of all food or subsistence supplies at the fort. He would have been in charge of rations as well as commissary property. Commissary property are things used for processing and preserving rations. Things like scales, barrels, measures, salt, vinegar are all considered commissary properties. It was his duty to make sure that the supplies were well cared for at the fort. He was also a vital part of finding local food supplies for the fort. Rations at the fort consisted of flour and whiskey and preserved meat.

Peter also served as Quartermaster. A Quartermaster is in charge of all supplies coming in and out of the fort. They pay for the items and goods needed by the service members.
received a pension