Interested in history? Would you like to learn more about the Revolutionary War period, participate in living history, and help us educate the public about the past?
Interested in our park area or helping with the grounds? Have an idea that you think could make the park a better place, and want to help make it happen?
Don’t think you have the time for it?

We can work with you. We have adult volunteers of all ages and backgrounds, with one thing in common, we want to make the fort a better place. Schedules are tailored to an individuals needs. Active volunteers receive a discount in the Fort Roberdeau gift shop. Period clothing is provided for volunteers.

Call us or fill out the form below.

Let's build a Past Together.

We have volunteers from all walks of life, and all age groups. Some volunteer one day a year, others volunteer regularly. Seniors to teens, we are a community organization looking for others who want to help out. Please contact us.

Tel: 1-814-946-0048

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