Welcome Back Educators!

Fort Roberdeau is looking forward to providing your students with our award-winning school programs. We have a table with the academic standards our classes meet.

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If you would like your school to participate in a field trip, please contact us. You can contact us by calling or by filling out the form below. As a reminder, we do not schedule school groups on Mondays.

A Bridge To The Past

$4 per student with a Minimum fee of $60.
15 students per group.
8 to 10 stations
15 minute classes.
Informative talks.
Hands-on the Past

Hands-On the Past

$6 per Participant Minimum fee $60 or 10 participants.
10 students per group
6 stations
30 minutes each
Hands on experiences.

Registration - If you do not hear back from us in a few business days, please call to verify.

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