2021 Special Events

Opening Day – May 1

Ranger Skills Day – June 12

Star Spangles 4th – July 4

Rev War Days – August 14-15

Distaff Day & Patriot Day – September 11

Halloween Adventures – October 9

Veterans Tribute Program – October 30


Veterans Tribute Program

October 30, 2021

Rangers posted at Fort Roberdeau became pensioned veterans after the war. Fort Roberdeau will honor all veterans with a recognition program.

Ranger Skills Weekend

June 12, 2021

After a winter break, Rangers sharpened the skills needed to patrol the frontier and protect the lead miners and settlers. Join us for a hands-on opportunity to hone your Ranger skills!

Rev War Days

August 14-15, 2021

Visit an 18th century field camp. Become immersed in camp life and a story line based on local events. A daily battle will be held each afternoon. Free parking and admission.

Open Sky Watch Nights


There is always night sky action a the Observatory, even in months without large events! Bring a blanket, camp chairs, and a flashlight. (Red cellophane is available to adapt your flashlights to night vision mode free of charge.) Binoculars and telescopes are always welcome. Learn from he pros of Starlight Astronomy Club, and embrace the challenge of finding objects on your own.

Events begin at dusk. Cost $2 adult, $1 student.