1779-08-20 Reprimand for Harvest


Philad., Aug. 20, 1779.


It is with some Concern we find you have not yet made any Return of your Transactions in recruiting your Company of Rangers. I desire you would immediately transmit a Return of your Company and as we have been informed you have indulged them in going to their own Houses we must inform you that such a Procedure if it be true is very disagreable to us & disreputable to you : & more especially as Gentlemen of Note in the County are complaining to us that their Protection is neglected & the County suffering Surely there must be something wrong in this Business which you must endeavour to rectify without Delay. Upon the Receipt of this there-

fore we require you to embody your Company & take such Station as Col. Piper shall think most for the Interest of the County & the Frontier generally And we recommend to you to exert yourself to satisfy the just Expectations of the publick and render the Services

for which the Corps was raised.

I am Sir, with due Regard

Your Obcd. Hbble Serv*.

P. S. M r Canon of Carlisle is provided with sundry necessaries

for which you are to apply to him.

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