James Williams, Pvt.

In 1775 he had land in Bedford County, St Clair township. He joined the Rangers at Fort Roberdeau in 1778. He is still listed as living in St Clair in 1800.

William Gardner, Pvt.

William Gardner served as a Ranger at Fort Roberdeau. William was still living in Warriors Mark in 1830. He had spent most of his life as a farmer. He is listed as being over 70 and under 79. This sets his birth to being in the 1750s. He inhabits the home with another elderly person.

John Tussey, Pvt.

John Tussey lived in the Porter area of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. Tussey mountain could very well have been named after this gentleman or his namesake. In 1778 he is serving at Fort Roberdeau. He continued on in the area, helping in the war effort. In 1781 John Tussey is taxed for his horse, but no […]

Daniel Clark, Pvt.

He lived in Bedford, Pennsylvania, for more than 13 years from 1776 until well into the 1800s. He served in Clugag’e Rangers. Because his property is still inhabited by a Daniel Clark who was born after the Revolutionary War by the mid 1800s we are unsure of when his death occurred.

James Knight, Pvt.

First serving in the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment under Captain Robert Cluggage, and then later under he and his brother in Clugage’s Rangers, at Fort Roberdeau. James Knight was a Patriot. He had lived in the Bedford-Huntingdon area before the war. The first record we have is in 1774, the final in 1788.

William McCoy. Pvt.

Served under Captain Clugage. He was listed as living in Franklin, Huntingdon County Pa ten years later in 1788.

Daniel McCoy, Pvt.

Served as a private in 1778 in Cluggage’s Rangers. He was listed as a shoemaker by trade living in Tyrone Township in 1779.

John Lane, Pvt.

¬†John Lane was born in Baltimore, in 1756. His family moved to the Huntingdon area when he was 9 years old. In 1778 he served at the Lead Mine Fort. He served under Lt. David Lloyd. In 1779 he enlisted in Cluggage’s rangers and served in the Huntingdon area, protecting the region until the harvest, […]