John Freeman, Pvt.

John Freeman lived in the Bedford, Pennsylvania area, for more than 24 years from at least 1774 to 1798. He spent time in Cluggage’s Ranger’s under Captain Black during the Revolutionary War.

Matthias Vandevender

Although the last name is mentioned in many references to the region I have yet to find much information on this gentleman. He is listed on the tax rolls of Shaver’s Creek in 1788. He could very well be related to Peter Vandevender, but is not his son. Peter could have been his brother. Peter […]

Thomas Coleman, Ensign

The Coleman brothers have many tales that surround them. It was said that they came to the area after the death of their younger brother in an attack by Native Americans while making Syrup in the mountains. Thomas Served as an Ensign in the Rifle Regiment, and acted as a guide and spy. In his […]

William Moore, Pvt.

In 1778 William Moore worked as a Ranger under Captain Black in Cluggage’s Rangers. The Moore’s were a well known family in the region. Many were killed in 1778 during an attack on their homestead. We do not know how this William Moore is this related to William Moore, the patriarch, who died in 1778 […]

William Devinny, Pvt.

1751-1808 In 1778 he served in Cluggage’s Rangers. Like Captain Black, his commander, William had ties to Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, as mentioned in his father’s will (Frankstown, Pa in 1777). William later became a Militia commander. He was Lt. William Deveny of 5th Company. He continued to serve Frankstown and up the Kittaning Path. He […]

John Long, Sgt.

John Long lived in the area of Air, Pennsylvania from at least 1773- 1810. He served under Captain Black’s company, a member of Cluggage’s Rangers.

Henry Black, Captain

1752-1833 Born in Chester County. He had moved to Bedford before the war. November 1777, he began as a militia man but was commissioned by General Edward Hand of Ft Pitt, and later put in charge of one of the units helping to guard the region surrounding Fort Roberdeau. Serving under Major Cluggage as a […]