Thomas Clark, Pvt.

1750 Thomas Clark was born in 1750. In 1778 he served under Thomas Clugage in Cluggage’s Rangers. In 1781 he was living in Dublin, Bedford, Pennsylvania. In 1801 he was living in Providence, Bedford, Pennsylvania. In 1820 he lived in Belfast, Bedford, Pennsylvnia.

Meshech Tipton

1759-1850 Brother to Luke Tipton, Meshech or Meshac was born in Maryland in 1759. Before 1778 he was living in he Frankstown region. He remained there until the end of the 18th century, at which time he moved to Tennessee. There he lived until his death. He was 90 years old at the time of […]

Arthur Drennan Pvt.

Served in Thomas Cluggage’s unit of the rangers in 1778. We are looking for more information about this service member. Probate of his will was on 26 Mar 1791 in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, USA

Theodore Pridemore, Sgt.

Theodore Pridmore was born on April 17, 1755, in Princeton, New Jersey. Theodore Pridmore served in the military in 1776 when he was 21 years old in Frankstown. He served at Fort Roberdeau in 1778. Brother of Jonathan Pridemore, he served as a recruitment sergeant for Fort Roberdeau He married Mary Guthrie in 1779 in […]

John Edington, Pvt.

1750-1798 He was born in 1750. He lived in Pennsylvania. Jonathan Edington served under Thomas Clugage. It is also listed in his pension that he served under Captain Rickets. He died in 1798 in Morgan, Ohio, at the age of 48, and was buried there.

James Igou, Pvt.

James Igou lived in Antis in Huntington County until at least 1830. We are continuing research on this soldier.

Joseph Swope, Pvt.

We are still doing research on this gentleman. Post war a family of this name lives in Trough Creek. There are also some records of a Joseph Swope who’s family settled in West Virginia having been held captive by the Shawnee during the French and Indian War. We have no records linking either of these […]

James Brooks, Pvt.

James Brooks was a member of the 1st Pennsylvania in 1776 He served in Cluggage’s Company in the summer of 1778 He is on the pension list in Pittsburg.