1784-02-23 Names of Tories

PA Archives, Series 1, Volume X, 1784, page 250-

An Alphabetical List of All Persons Attainted of High Treason, in pursuance of the Treason Laws for the State of Pennsylvania.


251: Barrow, Samuel, of Barre, Bedford Co., yeoman

252: Croghan, George, surrend’d & disch’d.

          Cuslan, William, labourer of East Pennsborough, Cumb’d Co.

          Campbell, John, yeoman, Emmerson’s Valley, Cumberl’d Co.

          Campbell, William, yeoman, Emmerson’s Valley, Cumberl’d Co.

          Delong, James, yeoman, Emmerson’s Valley, Cumb’d Co.

253: Elliott, Matthew, Ind’n Trader, of Westm’d Co.

          Erwin, Edward, or Irwin, of Rye Township, Cumb’d Co.

Fursuer, Andrew, labourer, of Allen Township, Cumb’d Co.

254: Girty, Simon, Indian Interpreter, of Westm’d Co.

          Girty, James, labourer, of Westm’d Co.

          Gibson, Edward, yeoman, Emmerson’s Valley, Cumb’d Co.

          Givin, Hugh, labourer, Tyrone, Cumb’d Co.

          Hare, Jacob, yeoman, Barree, Bedford Co.

          Hare, Michael, yeoman, Barree, Bedford Co.

255: Irwin, Alexander, of East Pennsborough, Cumb’d Co., Carter.

          Irwin, Francis, Carter, East Pennsborough, Cumb’d Co.

          Kilby, Lawrence, Cooper, East Pennsborough, Cumb’d Co.

          King, Joseph, yeoman, Path Valley, Cumb’d Co.

256: Little, James, yeoman, of Emmerson’s Valley, Cumb’d Co.

          Lindsay, Samuel, yeoman, of Guilford Township, Cumb’d Co.

          McCart, John, distiller & labourer, East Pennsborough, Cumb’d Co.

          McKee, Alexander, Indian Trader of Westm’d Co.

          McNeal, Dominick, yeoman, Tuscarora, Cumb’d Co.

          McDonald, Alexander, yeoman, Rye Township, Cumb’d Co.

          McKenzie, Kenneth, yeoman, Rye Township, Cumb’d Co.

          McPherson, William, blacksmith, Tyrone, Cumb’d Co.

          Nixon, Robert, yeoman, of Lock Township, Cumb’d Co.

258: Ross, Alexander, yeoman, of The Township of Pitt, Westm’d Co.

          Stillwell, John, yeoman, Tuscarora, Cumb’d Co.

          Simpson, William, Blacksmith, Tyrone, Cumb’d Co.

259: Wright, William, dyer of Path Valley, Cumb’d Co.

          Wiston, Richard, yeoman, of Franks Town, Bedford Co.


          I, John Morris, Esquire, Master of the Rolls for the State of Pennsylvania, Do Certify that the within List of Names is a true Extract from the several Proclamations issued by the Honorable the Supreme Executive Council of the said State, Summoning them respectively to appear and answer to certain Charges of High Treason.

          In Testimony whereof, I have hereto set my Hand & the Seal of my said Office at Philadelphia, the 28th Day of November, A. D. 1783.

          [seal]                     John Morris, M. R.


 23d Feb., 1784.  Alphabetical list of all the persons attainted of High Treason, with a state of such as have been acquitted by the Supreme Court.