1780-05-08 Transport Cannon Stores

Philadelphia May 8th 1780

The Bearer Mr. Robert Clugage has been for some time past in charge of a number of Cannon and stores at fort Roberdeau for which services he has this day reward his pay the Honorable Board of War now directs that the whole of the Cannon and horses at that place and Huntingdon be Immediately to Carlisle you will upon receipt of this report having pravailed here that some skulking parties of the Enemy ere Lurking Between your port and the Fort you will see that the men that go on this service and property supplyed and notified to prevent any surprise  Mr. Clugage has kindly ofered to accompany the party you will furnish him with Provisions for the Jorney in Common with the Rest.

Sam’l Hodgson ACGMS

to Sam’l Sayant CMS

Washington 20th May 1780

Major Charles Lukens Commanding Officer has undertaken to send offa Detachment for the above Stores, you will please to furnish  him with Waggons for said command –

Colonel David (__)” Humer Collection W132

Humer W-132.  8 May 1780.  Hodgdon, Samuel to Davis, John re providing transport for transfer of cannon and stores from Fort Roberdeau and Huntingdon to Carlisle.  True Copy with annotations to Davis by Samuel Sarjant.