1779-10-10 Captain Cluggage Issues

Fort Robardeau, Octr, 10th, 1779

I rec’d you letter some time agoe, daited Augt 20th, which surprised me very much that you have not received my returns of my progress in recruiting at different times before the date of your letter, as I have sent expresses with different letters as far down as Carlisle, allowing them to be forwarded by the first opertunity from thare. But it’s likely the ware miscarried by some means, therefore be glad to know by what means I am to send you returns – whether by express or no; if by express, how the are to be furnished with money to pay their expences.

You say you have been informed I have indulged my men with letting them go to their homes. I acknowledge I have indulged a few of them, such as had grain to reep, (and save it) as it appeared to me to be a loss to the state to let grain be destroyed for want of reaping whare it is so very scarce as it is in this frontier, rendered so from the different incursions of the enemy. I am very much surprised to hear that gentlemen of note in the county have had reason to complain of me, as I am conscious I have done every thing that could be expected from me towards protecting the suffering frontiers of this county. But, Sir, I must inform you that there are gentlemen in this county that would not be satisfied with my conduct, except I would furnish them and their families with a gard at their own houses, so that they might follow their labour without dangeur; however, that is out of my power; for it would take at least a regiment to afford that protection to every family in the quarter I am stationed in, and have grate reason to think it must be some these gentlemen that have loged the complaint; therefore, in order to justify my character, would take it as a favour if you would let me know the gentlemen’s names by first opertunity.

My company has been reviewed, and past muster, 3 officers & 43 rank and file, one of the latter killed or taken. I have made application to Mr Carson for necessaries promised – have rec’d some of them, but no blankets except four; the are very necessary at this season of the year, and can’t be done without; therefore would be glad Mr Carson could be furnished with them by some means, as I have promised them to the men. Would be glad to know who I must apply to pay the doctor’s bills, as I have been under the necessity of applying to one for some of my company, and payed him out of my own pocket.

I am, Sir,
With respect,
Your very humb’l serv’t
Thomas Clugage

Directed to Joseph Reed, Precedent of Council in State of Pensylvania.
To care of Col. Jno Davis, Carlisle

Archives, Series 1, Vol. VII, 1779, pages 742-743: Capt. Cluggage to President Reed, 1779