1779-08 Supply Articles



Your Favour of the 1 st Ins* has been duly received.

As the Men will want hunting Shirts & are entitled to them by a Resolution of Assembly, we should be glad you would procure them

if possible, & such ctfher Articles as are comprized in the Encouragement promised the Recruits. Council approve of your supplying

the Pouches & Powder Horns, not doubting but that in the whole of the Disbursements you will use the utmost Frugality & Oeconomy.

Capt. Campbell, who is also raising a Company in your County, will probably apply to you in the like Manner ; if so you will please to

furnish him with the like Articles. As we hope to have all these Things brought into a Continental Settlement you will see the

Propriety of having all Vouchers as correct & clear as possible.

We send you by Mr. Agnew 10,000 Dollars, which we hope will prove an ample Supply for the present. If more is necessary we

will endeavour to furnish you upon Application. Where the Guns & Accoutrements are found by the publick they will of course be

returned, you will therefore be good enough to give this in Charge to the Captains whom you Supply, that Justice may be done the

State when the Term of Service expires.

I am with due Regard,

Sir, your most

Obed. Hbble. Serv*,

JOS. REED, President.*


On publick Service.

To John Carson, Esq r , Carlisle.

Fav d by M r Agnew.