1779-08-09 Some Supplies Needed Some Found


Carlisle, Aug* 9th, 1779.

Your Letter by’Mr. Agnew of the 6th of June,* I received in due time after the date thereof, together with Ten Thousand Dollars. I have aplied it agreeable to your Direction, in purchasing hunting shirts, shoes, Legons, &c., for the Rangers, with as much frugality & Economy as was in my power. The Men are as yet without Blankets, nor is it possible to procure them in this part of the Country, and Unless you send them from below I am at a Loss to know how they will be supply’d. If you send them up to Me I shall forward them to the Troops as Quickly as possible. Mr. Thompson, the Muster Master, will be with you in a few Days, who can inform you how many Blankets will be wanted, as all the men that are Enlisted are without. I drew from Col. John Davis, D. Q. M. G-., what Canteens & Camp Kettles were wanted, as I could not get them made here, and the men could not March without them.

I am, with Respect,

Your Excellency’s Obt. &

Very h’ble Serv*,



On publick service.

To His Excellency, Joseph Reed, Esq., Presid* of the Supreme

Executive Council.

Favoured by Mr. Power.