1778-06-8 Roberdeau Tight on Cash

York, June, 6th, 1778 Sir,
The Delegates of this State are honored with the commands of Council respecting a supply of money for paying of Clothing, and the State of the Frontiers; these, together with the petition of some of the Inhabitants of Northumberland, were duly laid before Congress, and without a word of debate referred, the former to the Treasury, the latter to the board of War, with an order to confer with the Gentlemen who were Bearers of the petition. I expect a favorable Issue to this Business on Monday.
Two letters, one from Lord Howe, the other from Gen1 Clinton, to Congress, with the three Acts of Parliament which are the Subjects of publick speculation, were under consideration on this day, and a short answer given to the Letters. A copy is prohibited as indelicate, until the Letter get to hand; in substance it referes to the resolves of Congress on two Bills circulated substantially the same as two of the above: that when the King shall be seriously disposed to peace, Congress will be ready to put an End to the cruel, unprovoked war waged against America, on Terms honorable to our Nation, for the Interest of our Constituents, and with a sacred regard to Treaties.

My acco’t exhibited to the Assembly when last in Lancaster refers to a debit of which I was not then possessed paid Capt. Piper, who guarded Wm. Todd to Lancaster, for his Expences, which is now before me in a proper entry of £6, II, 3. If the Sum could be added, and the whole remitted by you on the order in the hands of Mrs. Smith, it would be of great service, as my late engagement in the Lead works has prayed a moth to my circulating Cash and oblige me make free with a friend in borrowing; I hope to congratulate you soon on regaining our Capital Some step will be taken by Congress for securing property until a deliberate discrimination can be made in which a due regard to the prerogative of the State will be attended to I am with respectful salutation to Council Sir Y most obo & very humo Servo DANIEL ROBERDEAU