1778-02 Harmon Husbands Aware of Lead in Sinking Valley


As at present there appears to be a Scarcity of the important article of Lead, and it’s certain a Mr. Harmon Husbands, now a member of Assembly for our State, has some knowledge of a Lead Mine, situate in a certain Tract of Land not far from Franks Town, formerly surveyed for the use of the Proprietary Family.

General Gates, President of the Board of War, having signified his earnest desire to see & converse with Mr. Husbands on the subject of the Mine, and being greatly hurried with business, I have at his instance undertaken the present line, that you wou’d please to use yr influence with the House of Assembly, and with Mr. Husbands, that he, as soon as possible, may be spared to consult with the Board of War, on the best measures for making a tryal of deriving an early supply from that source.

The General is of Opinion with me, that the Mine ought or may at least for the present be seized by, and belong to the State, and that private persons who without right may have sat down on that reserved Tract, shou’d neither prevent the present use of the Lead, nor be admitted to make a monopoly of the Mine. I’m of opinion that a few faithful Labourers may be sufficient to make the experiment, and that the Lieut. of the County, or some other good Man, may be serviceable in introduceing the business.

I cannot doubt the Compliance of the honorable Assembly & Council.
And am, Sir, with great respect, Yr Excellencys most.  Major Gen.

John Armstrong to President Wharton

Pennsylvania Archives, Series 1, Volume 6, 1778, page 293-294