1776-03-08 Cluggage and Chambers 1st Rifle

“They are remarkably stout and hardy men; many of them exceeding six feet in height. They are dressed in white flocks or rifle shirts and round hats. These men are remarkable for the accuracy of their aim; striking a mark with great certainty at two hundred yards distance. At a review, a company of them, while on a quick advance, fired their balls into objects of seven inches diameter, at the distance of two hundred and fifty yards. They are now stationed in our lines, and their shot have frequently proved fatal to British officers and soldiers who expose themselves to view, even at more than double the distance of common musket shot.”

“Prospect Hill, 8 March 1776–I am stationed at Cobble Hill with four companies of our regiment. Two companies, Cluggage’s and Chambers, were ordered to Dorchester on Monday; Ross’ and Lowdens’s relieved them yesterday. Every regiment is to have a standard and colors. Our standard is to be a deep green ground, the device a tiger partly enclosed by toils, attempting the pass, defended by a hunter armed with a spear (in white), on crimson field the motto Domari nolo.”

Captain–Robert Cluggage

First Lieutenant–John Holliday

Second Lieutenant–Robert McKenzie

Third Lieutenant–Benjamin Burd


James Holliday   

Daniel Stoy   

Querinus Meriner   


Acquilla White

William Lee

Joseph McKenzie

Angus McDonald


Timothy Sullivan


Anderson, Adam—Gemberland, Daniel—Plumb, Samuel

Bechey, Philip—Gillespy, Reuben—Reynolds, Martin

Bowman, John—Hartister, Richard—Rhoads, Daniel

Broughdon, Thaddeus—Hanning, Conrad—Ritchie, Philip

Brown, Thomas—Jamison, Francis—Shehan, Thomas

Bruner, George—Johnston, Andrew—Shires, Francis

Campbell, John—Judy, Matthias—Simonton, Alexander

Casek, Thomas—Kelley, John—Smith, Emanuel

Cessna, Stephen—King, Peter—Smith, Henry

Clark, Patrick—Knight, James—Stuart, John

Conner, Philip—Laird, William—Taylor, Jonathan

Corrowan, James—Lenning, Charles—Thompson, John

Craig, Joshua—Leonard, Robert—Turmoil, James

Crips, John—Lesley, John—Tweed, Andrew

Crugren, Alexander—McCartney, Henry—VanZandt, James

Cunningham, Thomas—McClain, Daniel—Vanderslice, Daniel

Curran, James—McCune, John—Vaughan, Thomas

Davis, John—McDonald, John—Wallace, Samuel

Dilling, Cornelius—McDonald, Patrick—Walker, Solomon

Donelin, William—McFarlane, Thomas—Warford, James

Dougherty, Matthew—Magee, Thomas—Ward, Thomas

Dowling, Laurence—Mangaw, Daniel—Wilson, Alexander

Franks, Daniel—Miller, Michael—Whitman, George

Freemen, George—Piatt, Robert—Woodward, Samuel

Garrett, Amariah—Pitts, John