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White Oak Hall Rentals

Bring your special event to the Fort

Fort Roberdeau and its facilities can be a charming and interesting site for your wedding, meeting, or party. The site is tobacco and alcohol free. White Oak Hall, offers the most space, it's capacity is 125 people.


White Oak Hall Rental Costs

All Weddings at Fort Roberdeau cost $450, with a security deposit of $100. This rents the hall for 3 days, Thursday-Sunday at Noon.

A one day rental for events OTHER than weddings costs $125, with a security deposit of $100.


Plan an Occasion

Rules for rentals

Please read carefully. Failure to comply with these rules may result in loss of reservation, forfeiture of security fee, and other penalties.

  •     The security fee for rental of facilities is due upon reservation of the facility.
  •     It shall guarantee availability and will be returned after use, minus the cost of any items missing or damaged and any cleaning needed to restore the facility to its condition before use, as determined by site inspection after use. If the contract is canceled within two weeks before the scheduled use, the security fee will not be returned. The rental fee is due no later than three days before use.
  •     No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the site.
  •     No smoking is permitted inside any building within the park.
  •     All cigarette butts must be disposed of safely and properly, and not thrown on the ground where they can cause fires and create litter.
  •     Cooking.
  •     Any use of kitchen equipment and appliances must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Equipment must be cleaned and returned to its original location after use. The site’s large coffee makers may be used. Renter needs to supply all tableware, linens, cooking equipment, paper goods, dish detergent, etc.
  •     Decorating.
  •     Do not apply paint, nails, or commonly used adhesive materials to any interior or exterior surfaces. Scotch brand safe release masking tape (blue) may be used. Do not block exit doors. All candles must be surrounded by a “hurricane shade” or similar shield.
  •     Trash removal.
  •     After rental, please take all trash with you OR, for an additional fee and with prior permission, place it in the on-site disposal bin. The fee is based on the amount of trash.
  •     Use toilets properly. Do not dispose of anything down the toilets except toilet paper.
  •     Use sinks properly.
  •     Do not dispose of anything except dishwater and non-corrosive and non-toxic fluids by way of the sinks. Do not dispose of grease or solids in the sinks. There is no garbage disposal.
  •     Use of fires is restricted due to safety and to the presence of archaeological resources. (Also, see #5 for restrictions regarding candles.)
  •     Fires are permitted only through prior arrangement and permission from the Site’s Director.
  •     Build no fires in direct contact with the ground.
  •     Dispose of ashes and coals in designated containers as directed by staff.
  •     Pets (except guide dogs) are not permitted in any building. All pets on site must be on a leash not exceeding 6-feet-long.
  •     Mechanical systems. If problems arise with electrical, plumbing, heating, security systems, or any other equipment or appliances, contact the on-duty staff person. Do not try to correct the problem yourself.
  •     Fire extinguishers. Please note the locations in White Oak Hall; two are located on the walls in the large room and one is in the kitchen.
  •     Telephone calls
  •     will be answered by staff during regular operating hours. All calls ring in the Barn and in White Oak Hall. After hours, please answer the phone in the White Oak Hall kitchen.
  •     Parking.
  •     Please park only on the gravel areas or fields designated for parking. Parking and entrances for the handicapped are at the rear of White Oak Hall and beside the Farmhouse.


If you would like more information for an event you are planning call us 814-946-0048 or fill out the form below.


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