Core Staff

The People Who Bring History to Life and Maintain the Site

Glenn Nelson



Glenn has been the Director of Fort Roberdeau since May of 2013. You will often see him during community events, and representing us throughout Blair County.

Glenn has been enjoying his time as director while leading us through some big changes. School tours with Glenn are always a lot of fun. He has some special traditions he started with the students at the flag ceremony.

Glenn’s role is to provide leadership, administration and representation of the fort at the fort and in a variety of community settings.

Karen Morrow

Historic Site Assistant

Karen is a retired Archivist. She is does research and historic interpretation for our site. Her strong administration skills help keep the fort moving forward. She may be your tour guide during a tour of our site.

This is her first year with our school tours. However, history is far from new to her. She is locally known for her knowledge of Sinking Valley History.

Her smile and proactive approach to things is a great asset to any team.

Rick Kalos

Gift Shop Supervisor


Rick is one of the faces you are likely to see during a visit to the fort. He is often in the gift shop or at the fort giving tours. When kids come for school tours he often explains the economy of the period, and prepares them for their visit in the gift shop.

Rick’s role iat the fort is the management of the Acorn Shop. He selects and purchases the merchandise. He does our inventory control and helps balance the books, both literally and figuratively. He is also responsible for giving fort tours and historic interpretation.

Ray French

Grounds Keeper

Ray can generally be found back in his office, the new maintenance shed near the farm house. Ray is responsible for grounds and building maintenance.

Although those are his official duties, those who work with him all know that he is the one to see when you are on break.

He is a wonderful storyteller, and lifts the mood no matter where he is or who he is with.

Cat Schirf

Historic Site Assistant

Cat works on internet administration, graphic design for print ads and as the fort’s web master.

Cat is a living historian and reenacts, not just at the fort, but throughout the east. She loves 18th century laundry, textiles and the history of the common man. She spends much of her free time doing research about the 18th century. She Happily shares information about the 18th century with anyone who asks.

She does historic interpretation during events, her favorite activity is school tours and educational programming. You may also have her as a tour guide during your visit. Although most of her work is in the office, it is not uncommon for her to come out for a tour.

Chris Hoffman

Tours and Merchandise

Chris Hoffman is a Navy Vet who is spending his retirement years assisting Rick at the Gift Shop. He gives tours of the fort, and helps with school tours as well.


Summer Staff

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