Fort Roberdeau

2017 Events


May 13-14

Ranger Skills Weekend

May 13, 2017

  11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

May 14, 2017

 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

After a winter break, Rangers sharpened the skills needed to patrol the frontier and protect the lead miners and settlers.


Come to Fort Roberdeau for a hands-on opportunity to hone your Ranger skills with Ranger Rob!


Bring your scouts and youth groups!

Learn from the Rangers garrisoned at the Fort!


Fort Admission: Adults $5, Seniors $4, Children (under 12) $2


Groups (10 or more) $3 person w/reservation



A Star Spangled 4th

July 4th

"Let's ring Freedom Bells!"
John F. Kennedy proclaimed the ringing of the bells nationwide on Independence Day, July 4,1963

  Visit us for this open house event. Spend your Independence Day at Fort Roberdeau, a Revolutionary War fort.


This is our Open House day. Our volunteers who work throughout the year doing demonstrations come together on this day to share them with everyone.


Admission is Free for this special day of family oriented fun.




Revolutionary War Weekend

July 15-16

Become immersed in the  eighteenth century. Visit and 18th century field camp, follow the story line and events of this year's Revolutionary War time reenactment. A daily battle will be held every afternoon. This is a very exciting event, one we look forward to every year.


Free parking and admission.






September 9-10

Distaff Days

A Weekend of Women's Home Front Skills


Through demonstrations and hands-on activities, discover the skills women used during the Revolutionary war. Often the overlooked half of our population the women who lived during this time period had many skills that helped during the war.


Whether they were at home, or following the army there is much to be learned from their experiences.



October 6-8

Marketfaire and Rifle Frolic


Come and immerse yourself in an 18th Century market. Purchase 18th century goods. Crafted items based on period styles and methods are being sold at this special event.  It is the perfect place to shop for that hard to buy for relative or friend.


 Fun for all ages. Experience  demonstrations, period craftsmen, entertainment, and delicious food.





October 15

 Eighteenth Century Dinner

Accept our invitation to dine in the splendor of the Philadelphia Room on this Sunday autumn afternoon.

Reservations are required.


Experience a Dinner at the Fort, a unique dining experience.  You will feast upon food prepared according to 18th century recipes by Nellie Wright and Peggy Fields. You will then be served in a period style atmosphere by our costumed interpreters.


Fort Roberdeau is offering a frontier experience in dining for those who want a taste of life in the 18th century. Dinner at the Fort is a program developed by a group of Fort Roberdeau volunteers to enable guests to partake of foods which have been prepared from recipes of the 18th century.


November 4

Veterans Program

Veterans Recognition Program is a special veterans day celebration. We are proud to have had some of the earliest veterans of our United States posted at Fort Roberdeau  during the war.


Rangers posted at Fort Roberdeau became eligible to become pensioned veterans after the war. Fort Roberdeau will honor all veterans with a recognition program.


This event was recognized with the Excellence in Programming Award by PA Rec.



Fort Roberdeau
Fort Roberdeau