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The Dispatch

A Simplified History – Part 3

Families in Western Pennsylvania were oftentimes split in allegiance. Many did not care one way or the other about the war, as long as their way of life continued. Others actively participated in the war. Many colonists felt they should main loyal to the British crown, others joined the rebellious “Patriots” early in the war.…
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A Simplified History- Part 2

Native Americans had to choose sides in international European conflicts that bled over into the colonies. Native American leaders were like any men of the time. They had aptly maneuvered European Politics throughout the 18th century. The Native American Nations continually struggled against colonial expansion, and found new ways to survive despite the world powers…
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A Simplified History – Part 1

The War for Independence, as with all wars, was a war of finance as well as principal. The stance of those supporting the Continental Army (the “Patriots”) was that the colonists had worked the colonies for generations, and had a right to represent themselves in local assemblies. Citizens of the Colonies were considered British yet…
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