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The People of the Fort

Names List

This is the beginning of our names list, and will contain information about the people of the region. who they were, what they did during the war, and how their interactions impacted the region during the war.

There will be a special focus on people who spent time at Fort Roberdeau, served under Major Robert Cluggage.


William McFarland

William McFarland served under Captain Black in Cluggage’s Rangers. He lived in the Frankstown region at least until 1786.

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William Devinny, Pvt.

1751-1808 In 1778 he served in Cluggage’s Rangers. Like Captain Black, his commander, William had ties to Mount Joy, Pennsylvania,

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John Long, Sgt.

John Long lived in the area of Air, Pennsylvania from at least 1773- 1810. He served under Captain Black’s company,

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