George Vanzandt, Pvt.

1752-1840 He lived in Canoe Valley, Barree Township. He served under Captain Samuel Davis in 1776 at Princeton. Although he arrived with Colonel Piper, during the battle he was with Colonel Smith when they took Bennett’s Island. He spent much of that winter in the east. He came back home in March. In 1777 he […]

Thomas Coleman, Ensign

The Coleman brothers have many tales that surround them. It was said that they came to the area after the death of their younger brother in an attack by Native Americans while making Syrup in the mountains. Thomas Served as an Ensign in the Rifle Regiment, and acted as a guide and spy. In his […]

John Lane, Pvt.

 John Lane was born in Baltimore, in 1756. His family moved to the Huntingdon area when he was 9 years old. In 1778 he served at the Lead Mine Fort. He served under Lt. David Lloyd. In 1779 he enlisted in Cluggage’s rangers and served in the Huntingdon area, protecting the region until the harvest, […]

Theodore Pridemore, Sgt.

Theodore Pridmore was born on April 17, 1755, in Princeton, New Jersey. Theodore Pridmore served in the military in 1776 when he was 21 years old in Frankstown. He served at Fort Roberdeau in 1778. Brother of Jonathan Pridemore, he served as a recruitment sergeant for Fort Roberdeau He married Mary Guthrie in 1779 in […]

John Edington, Pvt.

1750-1798 He was born in 1750. He lived in Pennsylvania. Jonathan Edington served under Thomas Clugage. It is also listed in his pension that he served under Captain Rickets. He died in 1798 in Morgan, Ohio, at the age of 48, and was buried there.

James Brooks, Pvt.

James Brooks was a member of the 1st Pennsylvania in 1776 He served in Cluggage’s Company in the summer of 1778 He is on the pension list in Pittsburg.

William Brown, Pvt.

Born 1758 in Bedford County, Pa. He enlisted in the military under Captain Thomas Clugage. He served at the lead mine fort as a scout and Guide until December 1778. He Married Ruth Lane. In 1833 he applied for a pension in Ohio.

Jacob Ripley, Corporal

Corporal Jacob Ripley was born in 1754 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. At the start of the war he lived in the Path Valley near Fort Littleton Pa. During the war he served in what is now Blair County. He spent several months as a ranger in the region. Ripley spent three months serving under Captain Robert […]

Peter Reilly, Pvt.

Commissary & QuartermasterPeter enlisted to serve in Bedford as a ranger in 1777. In 1778 he became a member of Cluggage’s rangers. Peter was the commissary at Fort Roberdeau. He began when David Brown was removed from the position. Peter was the commissary at Fort Roberdeau until the fort closed it’s doors in 1782. He […]

David Lloyd, Lieutenant

David Lloyd began as a volunteer, a private, in Captain Paxton’s Ranger’s unit. In the summer of 1776 he spent a month as a volunteer in what is now Blair and Huntingdon Counties. In December of that year he served under Captain Daniel Carpenter. He was First Sergeant for the unit when they marched to […]