James Vanzant, Pvt.

1755-1834 When the call for men to go to Boston echoed through the Alleghenies in 1775, James Vanzandt responded. He enlisted under Captain Robert Cluggage in the 1st Pennsylvania under Colonel Thompson. Colonel Thompson left and was replaced with Lt Colonel Hand. After the seige they went to New York and were stationed on Long […]

James Knight, Pvt.

First serving in the 1st Pennsylvania Regiment under Captain Robert Cluggage, and then later under he and his brother in Clugage’s Rangers, at Fort Roberdeau. James Knight was a Patriot. He had lived in the Bedford-Huntingdon area before the war. The first record we have is in 1774, the final in 1788.

James Brooks, Pvt.

James Brooks was a member of the 1st Pennsylvania in 1776 He served in Cluggage’s Company in the summer of 1778 He is on the pension list in Pittsburg.