Michal Wallock

He served under Captain Black in Cluggage’s Rangers in 1778. He served at Battle of Frankstown

John Vanzandt, Pvt.

1752- Born November 1752 in Bucks County Pennsylvania. 1777 served under Captain McDonald. They went to Fort Lowry. He served under him or Captain Black for 2 years. They were stationed for a time at Fort Lowry. After the war he moved to Kentucky.

James Moore, Pvt.

1760-1837 James Moore lived in Bedford, Pennsylvania, in 1773 – 1781. He served under Captain Black in Cluggage’s Ranger in 1778. He served in the Battle of Frankstown. See William Moore

James Vanzant, Pvt.

1755-1834 When the call for men to go to Boston echoed through the Alleghenies in 1775, James Vanzandt responded. He enlisted under Captain Robert Cluggage in the 1st Pennsylvania under Colonel Thompson. Colonel Thompson left and was replaced with Lt Colonel Hand. After the seige they went to New York and were stationed on Long […]

George Vanzandt, Pvt.

1752-1840 He lived in Canoe Valley, Barree Township. He served under Captain Samuel Davis in 1776 at Princeton. Although he arrived with Colonel Piper, during the battle he was with Colonel Smith when they took Bennett’s Island. He spent much of that winter in the east. He came back home in March. In 1777 he […]

John Moore, Pvt.

in 1778 John Moore served under Captain Black in Cluggage’s Rangers. John Moore lived in Colerain, Pennsylvania/ Hopewell, Pennsylvania, between 1775 and 1798. See William Moore

William Waugh, Pvt.

Lived in Bedford region during the war and served in Cluggage’s Rangers under Captain Black.

William Gilliford, Pvt.

In 1778 he served as a ranger in Captain Black’s company of Cluggage’s Rangers. He lived in the region until at least 1790.