Fort Roberdeau’s team is made up of county employees, a community of volunteers and the Fort Roberdeau Association. It takes a lot of work, and heart to share what we do here at the fort. 

It is a community effort. 

Fort Roberdeau Association

What is FRA?

The Fort Roberdeau Association is a not-for-profit organization that helps to support the activities at Fort Roberdeau.

As a member of the Fort Roberdeau Association, you support the activities at the site. It is a wonderful opportunity to share your interest in history with others like you!

Why FRA. 

When someone visits a history site and all of a sudden history is not the a stagnant story, but something a living and breathing, a true education moment has occurred, and  we have accomplished what we set out to do.

 Our purpose it to help bring history to life.

Who is FRA?

We are the organization that preserves the site of the original 1778 fort and helps educate the public about the history of the fort and the surrounding area during the Revolutionary War period.

How Can I Join?

Membership in the Fort Roberdeau Association is open to anyone who wants to support the effort to preserve and tell the story of Fort Roberdeau. 

Call us.

Our Staff

Glenn Nelson


Karen Morrow

Historic Site Assistant

Rick Kalos

Gift Shop MAnager

Cat Schirf

Historic Site Assistant/ Web Designer

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Seasonal Tour Guide

Our Volunteers