Fort Roberdeau

Marketfaire Cancellation

The 18th Century Marketfaire has been CANCELLED for October 2017 due to circumstances beyond Fort Roberdeau's control.


September 9-10

Distaff Days

A Weekend of Women's Home Front Skills


Through demonstrations and hands-on activities, discover the skills women used during the Revolutionary war. Often the overlooked half of our population the women who lived during this time period had many skills that helped during the war.


Whether they were at home, or following the army there is much to be learned from their experiences.



November 4

Veterans Program

Veterans Recognition Program is a special veterans day celebration. We are proud to have had some of the earliest veterans of our United States posted at Fort Roberdeau  during the war.


The rangers posted at Fort Roberdeau were members of Clugage's Rangers and served a 9 month to 12 month term, many of whom served much longer upon reenlistment. They became eligible to become pensioned veterans after the war. Fort Roberdeau will honor all veterans with a recognition program.


This event was recognized with the Excellence in Programming Award by PA Rec.



Fort Roberdeau
Fort Roberdeau