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Distaff Weekend

Don't Forget the Ladies!  August 6-7

We will be demonstrating cooking at this year's new event Distaff Days in August. It is a special program  focusing on women's history. This video shows some of our cooking demonstration. One of the best things about volunteering at Fort Roberdeau is the moment that you know that you just brought history to life for someone. In the Log House we have many activities that we do during school tours and for special events. During the cooking demonstration participants get a hands on experience combining ingredients, grinding spices, making biscuits and churning butter among other things.


We often bake a cake in the coals. Above is a video where the biscuits are described and the cake is pulled from the pan. The cake is then served to the volunteers during lunch as a dessert.


Thank you Stephen Port for sharing this video with us. It is wonderful to be able to share the gasps of the children as the cake comes out of the pan with everyone. It is this moment which makes every moment of hard work out at the fort worth it.


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